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Dusk To Dawn Astro

This site is dedicated to my hobby of taking asto photographs of night sky objects. In 2009 I learned about attaching a camera to a telescope and seeing what photons ended their journy through the universe by being captured by the camera. The photo gallery images are the results of spending extended periods of time in the dark waiting for photons to be collected. My photographs are taken primarily from locations near Calgary, Alberta Canada. Prior to the summer of 2011 my hobby exploits required that I travel out from the city to get to a dark enough site to take photographs. In the summer of 2011 I built an observatory which is now named the "Dusk to Dawn Astro Observatory" and is dedicated to my spouse. I am looking at automating the observatory so that it truely can operate dusk till dawn. The challenges and rewards of astro photography are easily within the reach of the amature astronomer. I call it a an educational journey in time, tools and techniques. I hope you enjoy my results.

The photograph at the top is a cropped portion taken from the very first astro-photograph I took through a telescope in January 2009. Needless to say I was hooked right from the beginnning.

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